Tips and tricks for Sacrée Soirée professionals

Joining our community also means starting a great human adventure. Because we like to build lasting relationships with our employees, our actions are guided by a set of values that make our DNA.

Outsourcing: a post-crisis ally

From service and solutions companies, to practices and residences, conference centers and organizations, we are all united by the economic market, that has forced us to come up with solutions faster than usual. We have had to face, and continue to face, multiple changes within our environments with the COVID-19 crisis, telecommuting, service reorganization and […]

Village du Mont-Tremblant

Ever though of seasonal employment in a hotel outside the city?

Do you feel like discovering new horizons? Are you at a stage in your career where you need a change? Would you like to experience an opportunity in a region other than your own? A different work experience, in other words seasonal employment in a hotel, might be for you! Let’s take a look at […]

TESTIMONIALS – What is it like to work with Sacrée Soirée?

Wondering what a mission with Sacrée Soirée could bring you and what the benefits are? Why collaborate with Sacrée Soirée and its various clients in the hotel, service and restaurant sectors? Find out first hand what employees and collaborators think with these detailed testimonials! Salomé Corcos discovered the Montreal life thanks to Sacrée Soirée «My […]


The qualities of a good cook

Is a role in the hotel or restaurant industry part of the professional challenges you are pursuing? Sacrée Soirée’s dynamic crew is looking for new collaborators in order to participate in the renewal and growth of our industry. Regardless of your level of experience in a kitchen, we are always searching for professionals who want […]

Entrevue conseils

Preparing for your interview with Sacrée Soirée: Our tips

You’ve made your choice! You are ready to be part of our professional crew in the hotel, restaurant, health care and seniors’ residence sectors. No matter your experience level, a job interview is always a stressful time. With these 5 tips, you will optimize your next meeting and adequately prepare your interview with Sacrée Soirée! […]

Trucs en entrevue

Interview: How to get that coveted role at Sacrée Soirée?

The benefits of joining the Sacrée Soirée crew have convinced you? You would like to be part of our team of kitchen and service professionals? These tips and reminders to apply in preparation for the meeting with our team will help you land the role that best suits your aspirations! Here is the information that […]

Sacrée Soirée’s values, our 5 fundamental pillars

Our daily life at Sacrée Soirée is based on five fundamental pillars: respect, honesty, openness, balance and reliability. These values, which we convey in all our interactions with our employees, clients and partners, are the driving force behind our actions. They are also reflected in our performance and decision-making. Let’s see how: Respect and integrity […]

Sacrée Soirée: the team’s 7 golden rules

Are you interested in the hotel, service and restaurant industries? Would you like to join Sacrée Soirée’s or are you already part of our team? Several values are at the heart of our actions and the missions we entrust to you. Let’s discover together the 7 golden rules that motivate our daily work! 1. Keep […]

Retraité en tenue de service travaillant dans la restauration

How do you balance work and retirement? It can be done!

It’s already time to retire, but the energy is still flowing? Are you currently retired and looking for a part-time or occasional job opportunity to keep you busy or to supplement your income? Sacrée Soirée offers you a multitude of options to develop a win-win work-retirement relationship. Let’s see what it’s all about! A proven […]

Équipe de cuisiniers et serveurs dans la cuisine d'un restaurant

Tips and tricks to rekindle the inner fire for the restaurant industry

Are you tired of the restaurant business? Does your day seem to go on forever and you feel a sense of negativity? Take back the power over your career! You’ve come to the right place to find your inner fire with these tips and tricks from industry professionals! This content explores how to get to […]