TESTIMONIALS – What is it like to work with Sacrée Soirée?

Wondering what a mission with Sacrée Soirée could bring you and what the benefits are? Why collaborate with Sacrée Soirée and its various clients in the hotel, service and restaurant sectors? Find out first hand what employees and collaborators think with these detailed testimonials!

Salomé Corcos discovered the Montreal life thanks to Sacrée Soirée

«My name is Salomé, I am a French student, and I worked for Sacrée Soirée during the 3 years of my studies in Montreal. There were many advantages of having such a job for an international student.

On the one hand, it gave me the opportunity to work without having to make a strict commitment. It’s often stressful to have to work in parallel with your studies, you’re afraid of not managing your time well and being overwhelmed. With Sacrée Soirée, I only booked missions that corresponded to my interest and my availability. I worked a lot during the off-peak periods and I didn’t during my exams. It was really convenient.

Also, it was great to have the opportunity to work in diverse environments, such as sports games, shows, conferences and other events, which really contributed to my discovery of Montreal life.

It was a really dynamic and enjoyable work experience. I enjoyed working with the Sacrée Soirée team who, in addition to being friendly, are super fun, motivating and attentive. I recommend this job!»

Alexia Germain’s wonderful experience as a service professional at the Fairmont Tremblant

«From the very first interactions, I knew this would be a positive experience. The communication was fluid, cheerful and the team went out of their way to find a position that matched my skills and my need to take a break from the city. They understood the situation from the beginning, which immediately gave me confidence and made me want the role at the Fairmont Tremblant, as a service professional, to become a reality.

The contract was concluded quickly and the exchange of documents went very well. The team took care of all the technical details, such as salary, transportation, and single room accommodation. I was greeted by a team member as I got off the bus in Mont-Tremblant. I was very happy to finally meet the person who made this wonderful experience possible!

Throughout the summer, I received a constant, professional and human follow-up. The team was attentive and responded quickly to any requests or questions I may have had. The summer itself at the Fairmont Tremblant went very well and I can only thank Sacrée Soirée for highly recommending it to me.

It was an unforgettable experience, both in terms of the people I met and the quality time spent in the mountains and lakes of the region. Moreover, as a former Sacrée Soirée employee, I can assure that the working conditions are excellent. Between the salary, the possibility of working overtime, the accommodation, the access to the delicious meals cooked at the hotel, I must admit that several times a month I was amazed by this generosity. Thank you Sacrée Soirée for offering such opportunities to your employees.

So after a one-month renewal, my contract ended on October 15, 2022, as easily as it began 4 months earlier. I would recommend such an experience to anyone who wants to discover the world of hospitality, be close to nature and enjoy excellent working conditions.»

Morgane Le Gall praises her different missions as a service professional

«As a 22-year-old French woman, I came to Montreal during the summer on a Working Holiday Visa (WHV). I discovered the Sacrée Soirée agency on the PVTistes website, before my arrival in Montreal.

I applied, then the agency contacted me to explain the different missions and an appointment was fixed for when I arrived.

I didn’t have any experience in the service and restaurant industries, but Sacrée Soirée really gives a chance to anyone to succeed and excel in these fields.

Various missions were proposed to me from the start. I enjoyed being able to choose the contracts that interested me. There is also a great flexibility, which allowed me to work while taking time for myself and to discover Canada.

I had the opportunity to work as a service professional for the National Bank Open, for Alouettes games, for private birthday parties and for the Montreal Jazz Festival. I was also able to work as an hostess during the Just for Laughs Festival and for graduations at Concordia University. Still, I was able to discover Canada through the missions I was offered.

Moreover, the team is very reactive when it comes to questions or uncertainties about the contracts, the agency supervises the crew very well, the atmosphere is friendly and warm.

I am now back to France, in order to finish my last year of studies, but my plan is to come back to Canada soon and collaborate with Sacrée Soirée again.

Indeed, I know that new contracts will be offered to me and will allow me to enrich myself even more, to meet new people and to make my experience in Canada even more valuable.

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