Preparing for your interview with Sacrée Soirée: Our tips

Entrevue conseils

You’ve made your choice! You are ready to be part of our professional crew in the hotel, restaurant, health care and seniors’ residence sectors. No matter your experience level, a job interview is always a stressful time. With these 5 tips, you will optimize your next meeting and adequately prepare your interview with Sacrée Soirée!

1. Choose the most appropriate location for the meeting

Depending on how you feel the most comfortable, you can choose to meet at our office or virtually. If you are experienced, a virtual meeting should perfectly fit you. If you are lacking experiences or knowledge, it is better to make an appointment at our offices, so that our team can witness your evolution in a simulation context. This will allow us to better assess how you feel, what tools you would need (information, training, trial period), etc.

2. Preparing for the interview

Nothing guarantees a successful meeting or job interview like adequate initial preparation!

  • Make sure you check your agenda at least 24 hours beforehand so you can confirm it with our team. If you happen to be unable to attend the meeting, we ask that you contact us or leave us a cancellation and explanation message, demonstrating the seriousness of your job search process in the hotel and restaurant industry.
  • Before the meeting, read the documents and watch the videos you’ve been sent.
  • Review your resume and training documents (CV, certificates, etc.) and make sure you have them ready for the interview.
  • If it is a virtual interview, make sure to check your computer, microphone and camera before the interview begins.

3. Pick a professional attire

Whether the interview is in person or online, always choose your clothes so that you look professional. A neat appearance will make you feel prepared and confident for the meeting.

If you are applying for a service job, choose the Sacrée Soirée attire (our team will show it to you). There is no need to buy anything if you don’t have these items in your wardrobe; just wear the closest thing you can find. Our team can let you know if what you already have is suitable.

4. Optimize the interview environment

Throughout the interview, use professional language and emphasize your personal experiences. Stand up straight and face the person you are talking to.

If you chose to do an online interview, ensure the environment you opt for is suitable for this.

  • Sit in a quiet place with no background noise.
  • Tidy up the space behind you to avoid dirty laundry on the floor or a full garbage can next to the bed!
  • Place your camera on a table or desk to stabilize the device.
  • Be sure to turn off nearby appliances to avoid distracting noises (radio, television, dishwasher, etc.).

5. Be yourself during the interview

We want this meeting to be an opportunity for us to get to know you. So please, feel free to tell us about your interests and aspirations. We are curious to learn more about you!

  • Our aim is to meet you as you are. An honest meeting will be the foundation of a successful collaboration.
  • We do not seek one type of person, because we do not have only one type of client. We wish to understand what you really want, so we can offer it to you!

Read this article to learn more about what information to put forward during your meeting and review these 5 tips for an outstanding interview on the big day!

Have a fantastic interview!