Ever though of seasonal employment in a hotel outside the city?

Village du Mont-Tremblant

Do you feel like discovering new horizons? Are you at a stage in your career where you need a change? Would you like to experience an opportunity in a region other than your own? A different work experience, in other words seasonal employment in a hotel, might be for you! Let’s take a look at the benefits, the qualities needed to thrive and what someone who has experienced this adventure has to say about it!

What are the benefits of a seasonal employment in another region?

Working in a previously unknown part of the country has several advantages. Let’s find out what they are:

  • In a busy time, knowing that a challenge awaits you increases resilience and adrenaline!
  • By having new experiences that refine your career path, you enjoy a sense of accomplishment
  • You will be housed and fed during your stay, so there are no major expenses. You will be able to save money faster for a special project!
  • Joining a new dynamic and motivated team makes the time go by faster!
  • In addition to a renewed work environment, discover little-known products from the region, new people and innovative menus.
  • Wage conditions remain beneficial and you will sometimes have the opportunity to work overtime.
  • In addition to contributing to your financial situation, this professional opportunity will give you the possibility to develop yourself humanly and technically, by learning distinct methods.
  • You will grow your creativity by observing innovative tools, using different ingredients, etc.
  • Experiencing this without committing to it in the long run gives you the advantages of working in a large company, without the drawbacks.
  • Work in the hotel industry allows you to develop an expertise or a specialization that will enhance your resume for the future.

Who can benefit from this experience?

Are you convinced by the benefits of seasonal employment outside the city? This opportunity is for you if you have the following qualities:

  • You are at ease with new things and know how to deal with change without worrying.
  • You learn new methods promptly and you like this approach.
  • You have the ability to work under pressure.
  • You adapt easily within a crew and in a new physical environment.
  • You feel comfortable with different managerial approaches.

Traveling for work, a successful experience for Jared

Leaving home and opening up to new challenges in another geographic region of Quebec may not be for everyone, but those who have tried it have loved it! This is the case of Jared Jimenez Salazar who worked as a cook in Mont-Tremblant:

«Sacrée Soirée allowed me to apply my cooking skills, even though I didn’t speak French at the time. It was one of the main reasons why I couldn’t work in what I really love most about cooking… The team members are very professional and clear. I have the chance to choose the places I want to work at around Montreal, Mont-Tremblant, etc. They support  us, train and motivate us!»

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