The qualities of a good cook


Is a role in the hotel or restaurant industry part of the professional challenges you are pursuing?

Sacrée Soirée’s dynamic crew is looking for new collaborators in order to participate in the renewal and growth of our industry. Regardless of your level of experience in a kitchen, we are always searching for professionals who want to grow through diverse and rewarding experiences.

What is the ideal portrait of a good cook for our brigade?

Are you driven and wish back the adrenaline rushes as well as the action of an intense meal service? Do you pay close attention to details in the performance of your work? If you have a recognized training or experience and a valid certification from the MAPAQ, you are one of the candidates we are seeking for these mandates.

If you have these qualities and skills, meet our team by scheduling an appointment on our website!

Our clients seek to fulfill different needs, among various environments, such as:

  • Conference centers;
  • Sport complexes;
  • Hotels;
  • Food services;
  • Catering and events;

We also offer through our eSSentiel service, many opportunities in seniors’ residences kitchens. Discover our eSSentiel service!

New to the industry? Become a skilled kitchen professional

In addition to the experts who compose our team, we also welcome aspiring professionals to our kitchen crew, mainly as dishwashing and kitchen clerks.

If you are self-taught and dynamic and like to learn quickly in order to add a new string to your bow, inquire now. Employees with a positive attitude and a desire to do well are always welcome!

What are the qualities we look for in a Sacrée Soirée cooking professional?

In addition to the many skills and abilities listed above, Sacrée Soirée believes that members of the team should possess several essential qualities, whether they are interested in one-time, temporary or permanent work mandates.

You have an outstanding ability to adapt, are open to different environments and management styles and enjoy working in a team? Sacrée Soirée recruits professional who are fluent in French and have an interest in workplace mobility. If you are willing to move around, especially outside of Montreal, you will be considered for a wider variety of opportunities or mandates.

You find yourself in this description by Sacrée Soirée and want to accomplish a variety of missions? Make an appointment on our website and discuss with our team.